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Too often, we are blinded by the relentless commercial efforts to capitalize on meaningful American holidays. These holidays are put in place to show recognition and gratitude to various sacrifices made by individuals before and with us. Don't get me wrong, I am a thoroughbred capitalist, and the right to be paid for your services is a right that should be upheld forever. However, we owe it to our friends, family, and strangers that so selflessly serve, to show some appreciation. 


Sure, American Steel Co was founded to make money. Isn't every business? But we are strongly built on a set of core values that can define us. While we strive to make the most exceptional pieces of art, we also hold ourselves to a very high standard. I'd like to share our list of core values with you, in hopes that you might gain a better understanding of who we are. Whether you look to religion, mentors, or whatever you believe in; be good. This list of values can be interpreted literally, or in whatever way you see them. After each value, I'll explain the way we see it. These are in no specific order, as they are on this list as equal values. Executing just one is obsolete. Believe There Is Good.


Core Values

1. Don't Drag Your Feet- It is a symbol for laziness and has deeper roots. If you can't pick your feet up when you walk, how can you complete a simple task? Of course there are exceptions (disability, injury, etc.), but the point is this: the small amount of extra effort to raise your feet, at the very least, cannot hurt. It translates to anything you do in life. Completing the small tasks well, translates into completing the bigger picture.
2. Remain Calm In Hectic Situations- The ability to keep cool when things are crazy will help you stay positive when everything seems wrong. Negative moments are inevitable, however, it is about how we react in those moments that define us at our best. 
3. Don't Start Anything Without Intention to Finish- When you look at what is truly great compared to something considered to be an eyesore, what do you see? A large, successful company's headquarters will have clean and immaculate fixtures, while the abandoned building down the block is left with nothing but messy remnants. Don't be fooled, this isn't due to big business killing the little man. This is due to the little man giving up and refusing to adapt. I bet if you think about it, there are certain local stores or restaurants in your home town that are doing better than ever. It's the service and goods provided that count. 
4. Give It Nothing More Than Your All- Don't give 110%, because guess what? You don't have 110% to give. You have 100% effort to put forth and 100% effort everyday. That means, if you perform at 80% one day, you can't do 120% the next and call it even. 80% is a lost day. Perform at 100% of your ability and you can never hang your head. 
5. Be Humble- Respect cannot be bought and it cannot be forced. Show the homeless man downtown the same respect you show your manager. 
6. Reinforce Beneficial Relationships- and immediately cut toxic ones. Sometimes it's easy to lose sight of who is actually adding value to your life. Remember, value is not money. Value can be having a mutual understanding in a situation, or simply waving hi to start your morning. Strengthen those around you who are strengthening you. 
7. Never Mistake Activity for Accomplishment- Every heard that friend or relative say, "I started a business"? Well, so what? Starting a business is as simple as exclaiming that you started a business. You can be 100 mph everyday and still be doing nothing. Keeping daily tasks are important, and deterring from those tasks can be perceived as wasted time. It doesn't do much good mow fresh cut grass.
8. Take Initiative- Claim your faults, don't wait for detailed instruction, and never be idle. Things that seem out of your control are sometimes in the palm of your hand. Either way, you're right. 
9. Express Gratitude



Money is important, and whether they admit it or not, everyone wants more. But money cannot define you and money will not come to those who chase it. The values listed above are not worth any monetary value, yet to us, they are priceless. We believe that by performing and actually believing in each one, the monetary reward will come naturally. Once the focus shifts from helping others to selling a product, we lose everything. In that sense, we try to remain as open and responsive as possible. After all, you can't take it with you when you go. 

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